Master Locksmith Services


If in the market for new locks, repairs, key cutting or emergency services, Security Locksmith, LLC has what you need. When you require security and peace of mind, we are the ones to call in and around Huntsville, TX.

Biometric Access Control

A security system that can only be accessed by authorized personnel is the key behind every high-end security system. By making access possible only via retinal, finger, voice or DNA scans, you can be assured that only those whom you trust can gain entry to your protected areas. Call our team today in Huntsville, TX to learn more about our biometric access control services

Master Key

Avoid complicated key systems that demand a heavy and clunky keyring. With a master key system you can access different areas with a single key, while still having a general key system for employees or clients that are granted specific delegate access to your Huntsville, TX property.

Electronic Access Control

Be able to grant or remove access from your computer. This is ideal for a business that experiences constant change at a rapid rate. Call today in and around  Huntsville, TX to get started. 

Safe & Vault Installation/Repair

For those items and documents that MUST be kept secure, a safe or vault is the answer. Why take a chance when the potential risk could be devastating? Contact us through phone or email in Huntsville, TX, or any area in a 60 mile radius. 


Keyless entry is an excellent idea for anyone looking for security, convenience, and access monitoring for their home or business in Huntsville, TX. Call us now to get started. We look forward to working with you soon.